Our green tips

1. Environmental awareness
• Our internal communication takes place electronically whenever possible.
• Whenever possible, we participate in at least the university's internal trainings and info sessions addressing sustainable development.
• We follow the principles of our award-winning Smoke Free Campus concept.
• We include sustainable development/ GO as an item to be discussed in our staff meetings.

2. Energy
• We switch off the light at our office whenever we go to lunch or to a meeting, and we always switch off the light at the end of the workday.
• We turn off our computer monitor whenever we go to lunch or to a meeting, and we turn off our computer at the end of the workday.
• We also turn off other devices at the end of the workday.
• - We close the blinds for nights and holiday periods especially during the winter.
• We use energy-saving lights.
• We participate in the events of the Energy Saving Week.

3. Transport and travelling
• We prefer videoconference meetings and avoid travelling between the campuses.
• We prefer public transportation, car pools and bicycling.
• We avoid using personal vehicles.
• We seek to avoid flying domestically.
• We prefer eco-efficient hotels.

4. Procurements
• We sort our waste and recycle as much as possible (e.g. ink cartridges).
• We use shared printers and photocopiers.
• We avoid printing on paper.
• We print on both sides of the paper and reduce printing size whenever possible.

5. Food
• We prefer local food and fish and vegetarian food – also in our catering.
• We avoid wasting food.
• We do not use disposable dining ware.

6. Waste and recycling
• We sort biodegradable waste.
• We collect problem waste in a jointly agreed place from where a person in charge of problem waste will pick it up for problem waste recycling.
• We sort paper.

7. Water
•  We use especially warm water sparingly both at home and at the workplace.
• We only wash full loads on the dishwasher.
• We take part in the World Water Day held annually on 22 March.