Laboratory animal services by LAC

Laboratory animal production, maintenance and provision for researchers 

Centre produces so called standard strains. Animals are ordered via Provet-system.  Centre also takes care of the maintenance of GM-animals and production of actual study animals for research groups according to their instructions.

If certain strain is not produced by Centre, it will be ordered and received by our personnel. Also these animals are orderd via orderig form.

When animals are arriving through research co-operation, Centre checks the health monitoring report, according to which the animals destination unit will be determined. Centre takes care of the arrival arrangements.

Finnish legislation related to the use of genetically modified animals regulates the book keeping of GM-animals. Most of the information is gathered by GM-form when the animals are arriving or when strain created in the Centre stays for permanent maintenance. You can find more info regarding GM animals from the Board for Gene Technology.

Animal units, environmental conditions and care 

Centre operates in three different buildings in the Kuopio campus and is responsible for the care, microbiological quallity and welfare of animals.  These responsibilities are related to

Assisting researchers

Animal technicians help researchers to identify animals, administrate substances, take samples, assist in surgery etc.  Centre also offers research services, immunization and  rederivation of strains. Please, contact the supervisor of the unit in which your animals are in. 

Animal licence procedure

 Centre helps researchers to apply animal licence from the National Animal Ethics Committee and also to gather information to the Committee related to finnished experiments. Centre reports  for EU-purposes the number of animals used in scientific procedures at the University of Eastern Finland annually to the Committee.