Working abroad

The University of Eastern Finland is part of the international scientific community. The university's research groups are international and networked with leading universities and research institutes abroad. While the university is active in recruiting top-level international scholars, it also supports and encourages the international mobility of its own researchers and other members of the staff.

International researcher mobility 

The university hosts international postgraduate students and researchers, and the university's research staff is active in participating in various international research networks, conferences, projects and programmes. The participation of the university's research and teaching staff in international mobility programmes can be viewed in the Current research information system, CRIS. 
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International mobility services 

International Mobility Services coordinates international student mobility, as well as Erasmus, FIRST and Nordlys teaching staff mobility, and Erasmus staff training mobility. International Mobility Services is part of Student and Learning Services of the University of Eastern Finland. 
International Mobility Services