UEF’s EU Office in Brussels

The University of Eastern Finland was the first Finnish university to set up an EU Office in Brussels to increase the university’s visibility and to enhance its opportunities for securing EU research funding. The activities in Brussels will enable the university’s researchers and management to closely monitor the EU's science and innovation policy and funding opportunities, as well as better networking and influencing.

The University of Eastern Finland’s EU Office started operations in the spring of 2016 at the premises and in close cooperation with the East and North Finland EU Office in Brussels.

The aim of the EU Office is to raise awareness of the university and its strategic research. Monitoring the EU’s science and innovation policy and programmes, as well as providing information about these is also an important part of the work. Another important aim is to establish and deepen cooperation between the university’ key persons and opinion leaders and decision-makers in Brussels.

Director Jaana Backman works as the university’s representative in Brussels.

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