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UEF launches doctoral programme in translational genomics

The University of Eastern Finland launches an international doctoral programme offering world class research training in translational genomics, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neuroscience, and clinical adaptation of research. International and intersectoral mobility, as well as...



At UEF, interdisciplinarity is not something we do, it's who we are. We seek to be number one in Finland when it comes to academic learning environments. We offer first-class education that is bound to make a difference.

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  • Hanna Partanen is UEF’s Alumna of the Year
    Nutritionist Hanna Partanen has been selected as UEF’s Alumna of the Year 2017. Nutrition is one of the university’s key disciplines, and Partanen’s activities have also promoted the field’s visibility and reputation.

  • My favourite tool: Metabolomics
    Metabolomics is a very useful tool in biological research, and its biggest advantage is that it can bring to light even such compounds that nobody knew exist! Kati Hanhineva's Metabold team competes in Helsinki Challenge. Read their blog!

  • Read the 3A Water team's blog about Helsinki Challenge!
    Led by Postdoctoral Researcher Tuomo Nissinen, the 3A Water team competes in Helsinki Challenge with a new method for water analysis. Read their blog!

  • UEF logo wear now available online
    UEF logo textiles are available online at R-Collection web store. Check the selection and place an order!