Kuopio Research Centre of Geriatric Care

The Kuopio Research Centre of Geriatric Care is an academic research organisation for geriatric pharmacotherapy, age-related diseases, nutrition and geriatric rehabilitation. The Centre works with a network of local, national and international partners for better understanding and optimising health care for older people.
Our multidisciplinary team of researchers includes physicians like geriatricians and psychiatrists, pharmacists, clinical pharmacologists, dentists, epidemiologists, nutritionists, and experts in rehabilitation. We provide doctoral level training for future leaders in research, clinical practice and teaching related to geriatric care. The annual number of doctoral dissertations varies between one and three.

We have specialized in register-based research and clinical intervention studies. One of our main interests is the effectiveness of healthcare, which is also one of the emerging research areas in the strategy of the UEF Faculty of Health Sciences. The current annual number of peer-reviewed international publications is approximately 20-30.  We collaborate with several international research centers.