Research projects, History


The GreenZoneProject is a geo-historical research project focused on the historical sites and conservation areas between the Finnish-Russian-Norwegian border region, that is, the Fennoscandian Green Belt Region. The home of this three and half-year environmental history project (2017‒2020) is the University of Eastern Finland, and it is funded by the Kone Foundation. The leader of the project is Professor Maria Lähteenmäki.

The Integration of the Karelian Periphery in European Society: the Olonets People from the Late 16th to the Early 18th Century

Medieval Karelia formed a fuzzy border zone between Christian Europe and Pagan forests. The Russian realm extended its influence northwards from the late 14th century onwards, just as the Swedish realm extended from West to East. The project explores how the new power and culture penetrated among and changed the indigenous culture: how people integrated with the new power and Finnic forest dwellers became Finns, Karelians, Swedes and Russians. The project is funded by Academy of Finland. The Leader of the project is professor Jukka Korpela.

Images and Attributes of Enemies in Pre-Revolutionary Russia

Docent, PhD Kati Parppei examines the formation and development of enemy images in Russia from the Middle Ages to the Revolution of 1917. The aim is to find out how images of (myt)historical, hostile ”others” have been used in the construction of the collective ideas of Rus’/Russia and Russianness, as well as setting Russia geopolitically in time and space at each given time. The primary material of the project at hand consists of representations of conflicts, and it aims to shed light not just on Russian developments, but also on universal processes of enemy image formation, as well as their relations to history politics and the formation and maintenance of collective identities. Parppei has been granted Academy Research Fellow funding by Academy of Finland. 

Transnational mobility and crises in the North

Transnational mobility and crises in the North is a multi-disciplinary, especially geohistorical, research project that concentrates on the developments in the Northern Calotte Region Region during the Second World War. The Project is divided into two sub-projects: “German cross-border mobility and the public discussion concerning it in Northern Finland and Northern Norway 1941–1945” by MA, doctoral student Anne Pitkänen and “Arctic warfare along the Soviet-Finnish border 1939–1944” by PhD, Adjunct Professor Pasi Tuunainen, who is also the head of the project. The research is based on a wide array of sources deposited at various Finnish, German, Norwegian and Russian archives.  The project continues through 2016–2018 and is funded by the Kone Foundation.