Quality work at the Department of Geographical and Historical Studies

The department is committed to the quality policy of the faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies. The head of department is responsible that quality assurance work functions. Coordinator of quality assurance is amanuensis Riikka Myllys.

Staff Board

Staff board discusses and gives binding definitions of policy. It makes possible participation of staff and students in the decision-making.

Members of the staff board are Professor Alfred Colpaert, Professor Kimmo Katajala, Professor Rauno Sairinen, University Lecturer Simo Häyrynen, University Lecturer Ilkka Pyy, University Lecturer Minna Tanskanen, University Lecturer Pasi Tuunainen, Amanuensis Riikka Myllys, Secretary Tiina Pitkänen, Student member Juuli Pekkinen and Student member Merita Raita.  The head of the department is chair of the staff board.