Photonics education in Joensuu -project

Photonics education in Joensuu -project

University of Eastern Finland has a two years project with Riveria (vocational education), Karelia (University of applied science) and Joensuu Science park to create new and unique photonics education path from second degree to doctoral level. This education path fulfills the current workforce need of Finnish and foreign companies. The path is done by recognizing, creating and making additional training pilots of the photonics education, together with local education organizations. Other targets are to promote education export services, to support the industry development, visits and networking, collecting and sharing information and development of Photonics Finland collaboration. The education path will executed by education organizations in Joensuu.

The main purpose for this project is to recognize the educational needs of photonics companies and create a pilot for the photonics education in Joensuu and integrate the different photonics education needs to education organizations.


The increasing demand for photonics professionals 
Photonics is one of the most significant key enabling technologies of our time. As a supporting and beneficial technology for the industry is growing rapidly. Globally photonics industry grows 7% yearly and in Finland 20% yearly. Developing the photonics education is one of the fields top priorities in Europe. At the moment the challenge for photonics industry growth is the shortage of educated and capable workforce. This concerns all the education levels from the further university education to vocational training. For example there is a shortage of optical designers in whole Europe. Companies has difficulties to find suitable workforce for production, because the photonics production are made in cleanrooms which requires specific know-how when dealing with components and products.


Joensuu has a chance to be profiled even more as a photonics center in Finland. Even in the European scale there is an opportunity to create a significant photonics education system in Joensuu which serves the national and international photonics companies, also giving great opportunity for education export. Photonics education has very important role in getting the attention of international companies to be placed and invest in Finland and in Joensuu.


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