Organisation and administration

Member university

The FUNTS agreement is signed by rectors from each member university. Tuition takes into consideration all subjects taught in the member universities. FUNTS operations are part of its member universities’ operations and credits are registered in the member university degrees. The funding for FUNTS is based on mutual agreement between the University of Eastern Finland and each member university.

Home university (Co-ordinating university)

The University of Eastern Finland and its Centre for Tourism Studies in Savonlinna is responsible for coordinating the activities of FUNTS. The director of the Centre for Tourism Studies serves as the director of FUNTS. The department is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies at the University of Eastern Finland.

The operations of FUNTS are aligned with the network agreement between the University of Eastern Finland (home university) and the member universities. The mission, vision and strategy have been approved by the Executive Board. FUNTS operates according to the rules and administrative practices of the University of Eastern Finland and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies.

Executive Board

The rector of each member university appoints a representative and a deputy to the FUNTS Executive Board. Also, students get to appoint one representative and a deputy to the board. The Executive Board may also invite experts of tourism to act as advisors to the board.

Contact faculties

In each member university, the contact faculty or equivalent approves the multidisciplinary tourism studies and the content of the curriculum. This way the FUNTS program is a part of each member university’s own studies.

Teaching staff

The teaching staff is comprised of professors and researchers of the participating member universities. Other instructors include lecturers from other Finnish and foreign institutes and industry representatives. The director of FUNTS may invite foreign lecturers with so called Visiting Fellow invitations. Foreign lecturers provide teaching at the postgraduate level, in particular.


The students are either undergraduate or postgraduate degree students of the member universities. The director may accept students outside the FUNTS if they are undertaking studies as part of international collaboration.