The Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies (FUNTS) provides thorough knowledge through tourism research conducted in various fields for the students, as well as, expertise and innovations for the tourism industry and stakeholders closely linked to it. This genuinely multidisciplinary approach is internationally recognized as an innovative way of developing research and education in universities.

Students of the member universities can study tourism studies as a minor subject. Therefore, FUNTS does not lead to the award of master level degrees on its own, but students will graduate from their own universities and receive a Bachelors/Master's degree in their major with the orientation towards tourism studies. Credits acquired in a university abroad can be approved and included in the FUNTS studies.

Basic Studies, 25−30 ECTS, Internet-courses, all courses are taught in Finnish.

Intermediate Studies, 25–40 ECTS. The Intermediate Studies are mainly taught in Finnish. There are three courses taught in English

Advanced Studies, 2–10 ECTS

Postgraduate Studies, 2-30 ECTS, seminars in English.







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