Quality policy and objectives

FUNTS is committed to the quality assurance policies of its member universities. The objectives of the quality assurance are to constantly improve and sustain the quality of guidance and multiform teaching, internationality and interaction with the tourism industry, in order to develop the professional multi-skills of students and improve the quality of research within Tourism Studies.

The Executive Board monitors and helps to develop the quality assurance work which in practice is the responsibility of the coordinating unit. The operating principles that are evaluated include the multidisciplinary aspect of tuition and research, multiform teaching, internationality and connections between the industry and society. For the member universities, it is important to calculate the number of students at the end of each academic year and credits included in the degree certificates. Key Performance Indicators are prepared in co-operation with the Executive Board and member.
Performance assessment

At the annual SUVI seminar, the Executive Board and staff review the annual report, quality report and feedback from the current academic year. The development of performance and quality work and any development needs are also discussed as well as planning the activities for the next academic year based on the continuous quality improvement principles. A study on the impacts of the FUNTS studies on employment and professional image is carried out approximately every fourth year.

The coordinating unit is responsible for providing the necessary statistics needed for the report. The director of FUNTS is responsible for the quality and the development of the operations to the Executive Board and the member universities.