Analytics at School of Pharmacy

The analytical laboratory at School of Pharmacy specializes in chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques. The methods available at laboratory are based on long-term experience in the analysis of specific compounds or compound groups. The target analytes include various classes of endogenic metabolites such as steroids, polyamines, lipids, endocannabinoids and as well as pharmaceutical drugs. The main instruments used for targeted analysis are two LC-triple stage quadrupole instruments, one LC-ion trap and a GC-MS system.

The Biocenter Kuopio LC-MS metabolomics unit, which is part of our analytical laboratory, focuses mainly on the non-targeted metabolite profiling, i.e. characterizing the metabolites present in the sample without prior hypothesizing on any specific molecules. The facility at the premises has LC-qTOF-MS as key instrumentation, and presently various sample material extending from biofluids to tissues (both plant and mammal) are being analyzed.

Our research cal also apply the instruments of SIBLAB.

The research in the analytical laboratory at School of Pharmacy follows high scientific standards and laboratory´s own standard operation procedures. In the laboratory, the research follows high scientific quality based on the expertise and quality management system of the laboratory. The level of the quality is developed according to the specific needs and requirements of the collaborators, and the quality is based on principles of international quality guidelines.


Further information:

Professor Seppo Auriola, Seppo.Auriola(at), tel. +358503368417

Ph.D. Marko Lehtonen, Marko.Lehtonen(at), tel. +358403552250

Yliopistotutkija Tuulia Tynkkynen, Tuulia.Tynkkynen(at)