Evaluation of applicants
(the selection process)

Applicants are requested to submit completed application forms and necessary documentation by the set deadline. Please note that partially-completed, unsigned or applications that are missing required documentation will be automatically rejected. Applications arriving after the deadline will not be considered.

The programme admits maximum 20 students once a year for studies commencing in the autumn.

Applicants fulfilling the admission criteria will then be evaluated through a process that will determine applicants selected for the programme. Evaluation is based on the applicant's academic performance, the relevance and scope of applicant's previous studies (educational background), and their proficiency of written and spoken academic English. To facilitate the assessment of their educational background, applicants are asked to submit all documentation and transcripts concerning relevant higher education and academic studies (including documents that are additional to those required to demonstrate the fulfilment of the admission criteria). In addition, the evaluation process includes an evaluation of the letter of motivation, letter of recommendation and personal interview.

Applicants are evaluated and scored with the following emphases (overall maximum 50 points):

1.    Previous studies (appropriate Bachelor's degree or equivalent university degree): 0-15 points
a)    Relevance of studies
b)    Scope of studies
c)    Academic success
d)    Other relevant background

2.    Letter of motivation in English: 0-10 points

3.    Essay 0-15 points


4.    Personal interview: 0-10 points

If an applicant scores zero points from any of the sections, the application will be automatically rejected from the evaluation process.