Courses for exchange students

Environmental Science, Kuopio campus

Studies in Environmental Science include Master’s level courses in two main disciplines: Environmental Health and Environmental Biology.  By selecting suitable courses, the student can specialize in, for example, biological and biogeochemical processes related to climate change, environmental risk assessment, health effects of radiation (ionizing and non-ionizing) and air pollution, environmental informatics, or environmental microbiology.

  Autumn semester 2019 Cp, ECTS Bachelor
3710236 Applied water chemistry 2 x x
3710707 General microbiological methods 2 x x
3710453 Environmental health for international students 5   x
3710435 Exposure assessment 3   x
3710481 Health effects of air pollutants and nanomaterials 6   x
3710446 Radioecology and toxicology 5   x
3710483 Measurements and dosimetry of non-ionizing radiation 6   x
3710223 Water chemistry and treatment practicals (continues in spring semester!) 3   x
3710479 Water pollution prevention & resourse recovery 5   x
3710458 Environmental data mining 5   x
3710486 Chemical ecology 5   x
3123175 Current issues in aquatic ecotoxicology 2   x
3123194 Global peatland ecology 3   x
3710451 Bioprocesses in removal of environmental pollutants 3   x
3710455 Stable isotopes in environmental research 5    
3710463 Home exam on basics of non-ionizing radiation 4   x
  Spring semester 2020      


Design of ecological and environmental experiments



3710477 Exposure measurements and modeling


3710475 Chemicals, environment and health 5   x
3710472 Air pollution practicals 5   x
3710482 Combustion, emissions and control technologies 5   x
3710470 Radiation biology practicals 5   x
3710460 Advanced water hygiene 5   x
3123195 Sustainable water management 5   x
3710462 Ecological risk assessment 5   x
3710473 Methods in soil ecology 5   x
3710474 Soil ecology 6   x
  Whole academic year      
3710400 MSc thesis seminar in environmental science and biology 3   x
3710458 Environmental data mining 5 cp   x
3710464 Radiation biology journal club 2 cp   x
3710469 Journal club in biosphere-atmosphere interactions 2-4 x x
3123169 Literature report in hydrobiology 3   x

Master level courses are available also for bachelor's level students, depending on the pre-requisites listed in study descriptions.

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