Doctoral Students


Friday Joseph Agbo, Nigeria

Friday is designing, developing and evaluating smart learning environments solutions for teaching and learning programming in Nigeria.

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Hafiz Ahmad, Pakistan

Hafiz is student working on meta-analysis of educational technology research.


Ebenezer Anohah, Ghana

Ebenezer's doctoral research work is about integrating indigenous practices into computing education in the context of Ghana.


Muhammad Anwar, Pakistan

Muhammad is working to enhance the identification process of learning styles using cognitive traits and considering dynamic aspects. He is also currently working as Tutor/Instructor at Computer Science Department, Virtual University of Pakistan.

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Rosalina Bessa Babo, Portugal


The topic of Rosalina's doctoral studies is about e-assessment in computing education.


Dimosthenis Bolanikis, Greece


The topic of Dimonsthenis's doctoral studies is about improving embedded system education.


Nacir Bouali, Morocco

Nacir is studying about virtual reality creation from natural language.


Wayne Brown, Canada

Wayne's research is about improving simulation based healthcare education through human actors and wearable technology.

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Marc Denojean-Mairet, Canada

Marc's docrtoral studies are related to developing a framework for smart learning environments.

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William Clifford Gomera, Tanzania

William is working with ICT-based cross-sectorial platform for credit facilities between SMEs and micro-finance institutions in Tanzania.

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Albert Gonzalez, Spain

Albert is working on narrative inquiry study in order to encourage Computer Science arete in academia.

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Behzad Joze Hashemian, Iran

Joze is working on CSCL model for optimizing nonlinear storyline in DIS.

Muhammad Mustafa Hassan, Pakistan

Muhammad is working on an ethnocomputing oriented way to visualize programs on a mobile platform.

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Martti Havukainen, Finland

Martti's research is on the use and the inter-contextual design of games as learning tools. His research includes the design of games for children with special needs.


Mikko J. Hyttinen, Finland

Mikko's PhD research work is on blended learning and social software in higher education, focusing on new perspectives to the design and implementation of computing courses.


Mark Gachara Irura, Kenya

Mark is working on a practical framework for electronic text books that employ learning analytics – a case for Kenyan secondary schools.


Mithlesh Kumar Jha, Nepal

Mithlesh is working at developing novel educational technology solutions for rural development in Nepal.


Alsen Florina Kapinga, Tanzania

Alsen is working for empowering women entrepreneurs in Tanzania through mobile technologies.

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Anna Mark Kayanda, Tanzania

Anna is researching on how to develop decision making in Tanzanian HEI context through improved information systems.

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Markku Kääriäinen, Finland

Markku's research aims at the development of pedagogical teaching and learning quality in online learning.


Sandhya Kode, India

Sandhya is studying of factors influencing emplouability of IT graduates in India.


Mikko Laamanen, Finland

Mikkos's research aims at developing theatre robotics and evaluating they learning impact.


Mzomwe Yahya Mazana, Tanzania

Mzomwe's doctoral student research project is about impact assessment of ICT development in higher education in Tanzania.


Alem Habte Mare, Eritrea

Alem's research work is related to improving teacher education using ICT in Eritrean higher education context.


Ezra Philemon Misaki, Tanzania

Ezra is working for ehancing farming communities in the Chamwino district, Dodoma, Tanzania.

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Godfrey Isaac Mwandosya, Tanzania

Godfrey is working for developing a mobile business innovation school in Tanzania.

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Nkundwe Moses Mwasaga, Tanzania

Moses is working on the concept of Ethno Supercomputing

Veronica Omeni, UK

Veronica's research focuses on developing cultural awareness and intercultural communication skills through on-line interaction and instructional web-based technology in an educational context.


Gospel Oparaocha, Nigeria

Gospel is researching inter-firm networks and entrepreneurship innovations in the Nigerian ICT sector: Stories of ICT enabled open innovation platform in emerging markets context.


Josephat O. Oroma, Uganda

Josephat's research interests include ICT for development and is currently researching on improving programming education in a developing country context.


Vasileios Paliktzoglou, Greece

Vasilis is researching the use of social media in higher education from three perspectives: acceptance, experience and engagement.

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Geetha Paulmani, India

Geetha is researching about the adapdation of lean techniques to support research supervision.

Veruscha Pelser-Carstens, South Africa

Veruscha is developing a digital board game for learning accounting in South African context.

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Joel Rumanyika, Tanzania

Joel is investigating post-market stategies of street traders in the context of Tanzania. The practical outcome of the study is a mobile technology solution based on the identified need to enhance the post-market stategies and approaches of street vendors.


Christoph Scheib, Germany

Christoph is working in the area of business information management in media industries.


Pasi Silander, Finland

Pasi is working on the pedagogical definition of design model for open educational resources.

Brian Stewart

Brian Stewart, Canada

Brian is researching the ecominic and sustainability growth factors of online learning.


Björn Stockleben, Germany

Björn's doctoral studies are related to creative processes in online collaboration.


Samuel Tewelde Yigzaw, Eritrea

Samuel is researching about knowledge management models for ICT use in education at the Eritrean higher education context.

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Pham Cong Thien, Vietnam

Pham's research interests include Computer Vision, Computer Network, Educational Technologies and Multidisciplinary Applied Technologies. He is currently working towards improving teaching of programming at Faculty of Information Technology, Nong Lam University, Vietnam.

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Tapani Toivonen, Finland

Tapani's research combinesInternet of Things, unsupervised machine learning and and empirical modelling.

Ehizojie Ukegheson, Nigeria

Ehizojia is working in the desing and development of mobile collaborative learning systems.

Hongxin Yan, Canada

Hongxing's doctoral student research project is about building a personalized online course model based on differentiated instruction principles and practices.

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