UEF-DSA-ry 2017 Annual General meeting, March 30th, 2017





1.       Opening the meeting


2.       Election of chairperson, secretary, two examiners of the minutes and their deputies, and two or three counters of votes and their deputies for the meeting.


3.       Confirmation of the legitimacy (the meeting was announced to all our members at least 7 days prior to its celebration) and quorum (at least 1 voting member of the association is present).


4.       Approving the agenda for the meeting


5.       General presentation of the Association and all the bureaucratic steps needed to keep it ongoing.


6.       Presenting the financial statement, annual report and auditors’ statement for year 2016.


7.       Deciding on confirming the financial statement, and discharging the board and other accountable from liability


8.       Confirming the action plan, budget, and joining and annual membership fees for the year 2017.


9.       Electing the chairperson and other members of the executive committee (board). Additionally, associate members of the board will be appointed if there is someone interested. 


10.   Electing two (2) auditors, the first deputy auditor, and the second deputy auditor for the ongoing financial year.


11.   Suggestions and discussions to enhance participation and increase the number of members. Of special interest is to eliminate the public email list (who does not benefit at all the members) and encourage all the people who are there to enroll as members, then keeping the members email list as a channel for information for members, not for everyone. This would be a reason to join also for the administration. 


12.   Considering the other issues mentioned in the invitation to the meeting


13.   The new board should inform the PRH with the names of new board members:  Notice of change concerning the chairperson or person entitled to sign for the association, via online service (http://www.prh.fi/en/yhdistysrekisteri/hinnasto/kasittelymaksut.html, processing fee 20 Euro)


14.   Closing the meeting