Tips for doctoral candidates

Instructions of Philosophical Faculty for evaluating doctoral dissertation and the procedure of public doctoral examination:

Applying for a Postgraduate Degree

After the licentiate thesis or doctoral dissertation along with all other studies needed to complete the degree is recorded in the study attainment register, the student may apply for the degree.

Application forms for Postgraduate Degrees

Application form for licentiate degree certificate (rtf)
Application form for licentiate degree certificate (pdf)
Application form for doctoral degree certificate (e-form with UEF user account and password)

The application for a postgraduate degree is submitted to the amanuensis of postgraduate affairs.

Kaisu Kortelainen
Philosophical Faculty
Joensuu campus, Borealis 306
PO Box 111
FIN-80101 Joensuu


Time of delivery for the certificate is about 3 weeks from the time the last study unit or module is recorded in the study register or from the time the application is received at the Administration Service Centre. NB! During holidays and busy periods, such as at the end of the calendar or academic years, the time of delivery may be longer than mentioned above.