Degree requirements and structure

In order to get the post graduate degree, studies defined in the degree structure (transferable skills studies and studies in the discipline and field of research) and an approved thesis are required.

  PhD PhD (Pharm) MD PhD DDS PhD
Transferable skills studies 5-15 op 5-15 op 5-15 op 5-15 op
Studies in the discipline and field of research 25-35 op 25-35 op 15-25 op 15-25 op
Total 40 op 40 op 30 op 30 op


Following post gradute courses are obligatory for the students of Doctoral programme in Drug research:

  • Entrance examination (5 cp), 4212111, to be completed within six months after granting of the PhD study right
  • Defense of the research plan (3 cp), 4212112, must be completed by the end of the third year of studies



Courses for compiling the study plan can be found in curricula in WebOodi (Courses => Course catalogues => Doctoral Programme Curricula, Degree structures page).

The personal post graduate study plan has to be submitted to the Faculty of health Sciences within 3 months of the admission date. The balance of transferable skills courses and discipline and field of research doctoral studies shall be determined jointly by the student and the supervisors at the time when the personal doctoral study plan is being prepared and depends on the student's educational background and research plan.


Transferable Skills Studies

The UEF Doctoral School organises transferable skills courses which are common to all doctoral students at UEF.
The aim of transferable skills courses is that the postgraduate student

  •     familiarises him/herself with the theory and philosophy of science and research ethics and assumes a good scientific practice
  •     is able to plan a scientific research project, including problematization, methods, resources and scheduling
  •     acquires good communication skills: general and scientific oral and writing skills and popularization of science.
  •     learns management and teamwork skills
  •     can give education and is able to work in various expert tasks. 

Study plan

The following Transferable Skills Courses are available in English:

  • 8010061 Conference English, 3 cp
  • 8010060 English for Postgraduate Students, 4 cp
  • 8022020 Research Information Retrieval and Management, 2 cp
  • 1145018 Doctoral Studies, Career and Networking, 1 cp
  • 1145012 Business for PhD Students, 2 cp
  • 1145004 Scientific Thought and the History of Science, 3 cp
  • 1145003 Research Ethics, 1 cp
  • 1145006 Research Project Management, 2 cp
  • 1145010 Research Supervision, 1 cp
  • 1145001 Seminar for Doctoral Students and Supervisors, 1 cp

The study plan, registration for courses and course timetables can be found in WebOodi under the UEF Doctoral School. More information: Merja Lyytikäinen