Guidelines for doctoral candidates

The University Library and the editors of the university publication series will be happy to assist you in all matters relating to the publishing of your dissertation. The university's Communications and Media Relations, on the other hand, will assist you with drafting your press release and sending it out to various media. Indeed, the only things you actually have to take care of yourself are the arrangements for the public examination and the post-doctoral party, karonkka.

Preparing for public examination (PP)

Things to take care of before the public examination

These deadlines are intended as a tool for the doctoral candidate to plan his or her own, more detailed timetable.

After the faculty has given you permission to defend the dissertation:

  • Contact the responsible editor of the publication series in which your dissertation will be published.
  • Agree the date and book a venue for the public examination with the opponent, the custos and the main supervisor. If needed, secretaries Eija Naumanen in Joensuu or Seija Martikainen-Hautaluoma in Kuopio can help with the booking of the room.

1-2 months before the public examination:

  • Deliver the material to the responsible editor of the publication series.
  • Complete your dissertation and make sure it is ready for publishing.
  • Agree on how you will deliver your dissertation materials.
  • Book a catering service to serve coffee at the examination.
  • Make the necessary arrangements for your post-doctoral party, karonkka.

Approximately one month before the public examination:

  • The lay-out of your dissertation should be completed and ready for printing.
  • Obtain written approval from the responsible editor to print your dissertation.
  • Agree on the circulation of the preprints.
  • Check the final proof.
  • Set a date for taking a photograph with Studio Liisa in Kuopio and with KK-kuva in Joensuu
  • Send the details of the public examination and  your press release to the Communications and Media Relations Office (see Media Coverage).

 Ten days before the public examination:

  • The doctoral dissertation must be available for public viewing on all campuses of the university. The doctoral candidate should deliver the printed version of the dissertation to his or her own campus library and send the dissertation file to the library for online publishing.
  • The dissertation should be distributed to the members of the university community.
  • The dissertation should be delivered to the Rector on your campus (book an appointment with the secretary). Doctoral candidates in Joensuu and Savonlinna deliver their dissertation to the Rector on the Joensuu Campus, and doctoral candidates in Kuopio to the Academic Rector on the Kuopio Campus.

Permission for public defense and proposing pre-examiners

Permission for public defense is applied from the Faculty of Health sciences with form (Printing permission), in which the main supervisor and in the doctoral programmes of Clinical Research and Health Sciences also the person in charge of discipline propose two pre-examiners for the thesis.

The defendant should carefully read the publishing instructions and at the time of applying the thesis manuscript should already be edited according to the style sheet of the faculty and it must be checked by the electronic plagiarism detection tool (Turnitin).

Required attachements in the application:

  •     Thesis manuscript including publications (1 copy)
  •     Summary of the main findings
  •     Report of defendants contribution in each publication (confirmed by the signature of the main supervisor)
  •     A written consent of the first author if not the defendant
  •     Proposal for pre-examiners (application page 2)
  •     Main supervisor's and doctoral programme director's free form proposal for the opponent and custos

After the Dean has nominated the pre-examiners, the defendant will send the manuscript to the pre-examiners for exmination.

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