The Centre for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law gathers the legal and interdisciplinary research from the UEF Law School. The Law School is the leading Finnish institution in its field and is widely recognized internationally.

In addition to cooperation within the various groups at the Law School and with other Finnish research institutions, research teams at UEF Law School also cooperate actively with other internationally recognized institutions and researchers. 

Details on the research areas and and on-going research can be found under each research team:

Information on individual researchers and their topics of research can be found here.

Research team

Dr Kim Talus, Professor of European Economic and Energy Law
Dr Andrey Belyi, Senior Research fellow
Sirja-Leena Penttinen, Lecturer
Meri-Katriina Pyhäranta, Project researcher
Berryl Asiago, Project researcher
Tade Oyewunmi, Project researcher
Kaisa Huhta, Project researcher
Ioanna Mersinia, PhD researcher
Rasa Ptasekaite, PhD researcher
Baiba Miltoviča, PhD researcher
Ayodele Oni, PhD researcher
Cameron Kelly, PhD researcher

Externally funded research projects

Movement to a resource efficient and climate neutral electricity system, EL-TRAN (Academy of Finland, 2015-2021)

The consortium where UEF Law School is a member will help to resolve policy problems involved in a transition to a resource efficient, climate neutral electricity system. The initial phase of such a transition is currently underway in Finland. We welcome this initial vision. However, we suggest that Finland lacks a full comprehension of what resource efficiency entails in the context of this transition, what complex policy problems such a society-wide energy transition will involve and generate, and how to respond to them. To overcome the problems, we examine energy policy actors, their interests and cognitive frames, trends and structures influencing Finland's electricity system, different renewable energy solutions and prospects of optimising the electricity system to realise the actors' interests. We outline requirements for Finnish energy policy actors to implement the transition and a roadmap for the public sector to support the process.

Impact of shale gas in EU energy law and policy; regulatory and institutional perspective (Academy of Finland, 2014-2018)

The objective of the research is to increase understanding of the implication of unconventional gas deployment for policy formulation, institutions and implementation in natural gas strategies in Europe. The legal and regulatory issues connected to emergence and harnessing of unconventional gas resources are examined through both traditional positivist approach as well as through comparative approaches.

Network reliability obligations under the Finnish Electricity Market Act (Suur-Savon energiasäätiö, 2015-2016)

The objective of the research is to critically examine the existing Finnish regulatory framework that provides obligations for the distribution system operators in terms of operational reliability of distribution system. The multiple tools used for this purpose and their interoperability are the main object of the study.