Research in Climate Change Law

Climate change law is rapidly emerging as a new, specialized field of legal research and practice. It is one of the focus areas of the Centre for Climate, Energy and Environmental Law. Climate law research at the CCEEL covers the following topics:

  • International climate law and policy, including UN climate change negotiations, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol. Also contemporary topics, such as climate finance, technology, adaptation, geoengineering carbon markets and REDD+ (an international initiative for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries)
  • EU climate law and policy, including the EU Emissions Emissions Trading Scheme; biofuels and renewable energy; EU's role in the international climate policy and negotiations; and the role of climate change in the EU external relations
  • Relationship between climate law and policy and other areas of law, such as World Trade Organization (WTO) law and international biodiversity law
  • Development of the Finnish national legal and policy framework for climate change

Ongoing climate change research at the CCEEL also includes the following multidisciplinary research projects funded from the Research Programme on Climate Change (FICCA) by the Academy of Finland:

  1. Assessing limits of adaptation to climate change and opportunities for resilience to be enhanced - A LA CARTE (2011-2014)
  2. Aerosol intervention technologies to cool the climate: costs, benefits, side effects, and governance - COOL (2011-2014)

In addition, CCEEL researchers follow actively the latest climate policy developments, participate regularly in UN climate negotiations sessions and attend various conferences, seminars and other events.