The European Bioeconomy University Alliance, EBU

A European Bioeconomy University is essential for a prolific exploration and exploitation of the potentials of
a knowledge‐based bioeconomy in the EU. It can function as a creative hub for a strong European knowledgebased
bioeconomy: it brings together the variety of the EU regions and their strategies, it increases mutual
knowledge generation and diffusion among them, supports the development of regional policies, and ensures
coherence within the EU. By this means, it can be a European think tank, which acts for the EU and is
addressable for all stakeholders within the EU. Based on inclusiveness, it also creates an open space to connect,
discuss, coordinate and thereby accelerates the transition to a sustainable knowledge‐based bioeconomy.
The European Bioeconomy University will bring together students from all member states and provide
them with relevant competences for the emerging bioeconomy applications. However, not only the employability
of the young Europeans will be affected positively, but also a new generation of high‐skilled Europeans
will foster European integration and contribute to a most promising development of the European Union.

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More information from the working group of UEF:

Professor Jyrki Kangas jyrki.kangas(at)

Coordinator of the Bioeconomy Program Sari Pitkänen sari.pitkanen(at)