Research groups and projects

BIOBM, the born-global companies that come outside of the traditional forest-sector, new ways of utilizing opportunities from a bioeconomy, BUSINESS MODELS OF BORN GLOBALS IN A FOREST-BASED BIOECONOMY

BIOCHAR research, Pyrolysis is one of the most effective technologies to get all wood based components, e.g. biochar and distilled liquids, for use in an energy efficient way.UEF Biochar research

Biogeochemistry research group, knowledge on CO2, CH4, N2O, NO, HONO and BVOCs dynamics in agricultural, forest and permafrost soils and aquatic ecosystems and the biogeochemical and microbial processes behind the fluxes,

BioDemoverstas Pohjois-Savo: Demonstration environment for intelligent resource management in biorefinery: the project is developing and testing new products derived from bio-based materials, and their commercialisation

BORFOR, the effects of forest management, forest use and climate change on the carbon dynamics, structure and ecosystem services of forests,

The Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL), international, regional and national law and policy issues in climate change, energy and environment,

Chemical and Microbial Ecology, chemical and microbial interactions between living organisms, organic material, soil and atmosphere,

Environmental change and evolution of Salicaceae species, plants responses to climate change factors such as elevated UV-B radiation, temperature and CO2,

Environmental Ecology Research Group, environmental ecophysiology, chemical ecology and environmental entomology and the effect of climate change on these issues,

Environmental Informatics, applying information technology to environmental issues, big data and complex environmental data lead, integration of information from various sources, new solutions to environmental problems,

EIALAW, Environmental Impact Assesment Law in Transition, The EIALAW project develops concrete models for the re-design and implementation of environmental impact assessment legislation in Finland, and provides practical guidance and advice for various actors operating in the field,

Environment and health, effects of air pollution, noise, green areas and climate change on human health, risk analysis, timo.lanki (at) (professor with 10% share at UEF)

FINE - Fine particle and aerosol technology laboratory, combustion and emissions and nanoparticle synthesis,

FOKUDEMO, Demonstration of photonic-sensors and high-technology for the control of forest-biorefinery, web site

FORBIO, preconditions for the sustainable increase of climate-neutrality and resource-efficiency of forest bioeconomy,

FRONTIER, the frontier of sustainability transitions, cultural adaptations of sustainability policies in European peripheral regions,

Industrial Forest Biotechnology Research group, novel products, value chains and business models for bio-based industries from short rotation plants, industrial side streams and wood associated fungi, further information

INNOVATING FIRM, small and medium-sized companies, guidelines of ethical and profitable business,

KILIKE, new business possibilities of circulation materials,  (information  in Finnish)

KUHAKO, use of "fibre hemp",  (information in Finnish)

LYY institute, social and cultural research expertise for application in the analysis of the environment and natural resource uses,

Novel sensor techniques for bioeconomy, website

OpenForest, Forest as learning environment, developing learning portal for multidiciplinary learning environment,

Plant biotechnology, environmental change, natural resources and sustainability and health,

Plant ecophysiology group, climate warming, changes in water conditions (soil drought and wetness, changes in air humidity), increasing greenhouse gases (ozone and carbon dioxide),

Pyreus, The Pyreus project provides knowledge on the utilisation of pyrolysis oils,

Responsive Natural Resources Governance Research Group, The main aim is to analyse  forestry interventions and global environmental governance agreements and to study policy changes and strategical processes, such as the forest based bioeconomy,

SIB - LABS, expertise and equipment infrastructure in the fields of biomaterials, materials technology, photonics, spectral colour research and digitisation,

SERM, platform for the social scientific mining research focusing on the social, cultural and environmental dimension of mining industry as well as mining policy and – law,

SOBIO, Social Scientific Circular Bioeconomy Research,  circulation of bioeconomy innovations, policies and natural resources governance in different societal spheres and levels,

Sustainability governance of BioAssemblages: A trifold perspective on bioeconomy clusters in the making, focuses on two tightly interlinked topics; 1) the development of bio-resource based economic and political processes in specific localities which can be defined as emerging local bioeconomies and; 2) the definitions of sustainability employed within these processes,

TOURISM BUSINESS, understanding the creation, development and communication of customer value based experiences in tourism business destinations including networking and competitive stakeholders,

TOWARDSLCS, on the way towards a low-carbon society – increasing professionalism in land use and landscape management within climate change,

UUTU, New products from forests, sustainable and diversified use of forests. The task of UEF (work package 3) is to develop and pilot forest planning that considers the production of natural products., (information only in Finnish)