At the University of Eastern Finland, the bioeconomy is seen as an extensive and new way of thinking and doing, reaching to the very foundations of society and striving for sustainable development. Investing in the bioeconomy is a way of realising the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, to which the university is committed.

Strategically, UEF’s bioeconomy focus is on forests, wood and land use. The strengths of UEF, and the university’s multidisciplinarity in particular, are made use of in the development of bioeconomy research. Diverse expertise in the forest-based bioeconomy constitutes a competitive advantage – especially with regard to our internationally renowned research and academic education in forest sciences. Many of the university’s research groups representing different disciplines address the bioeconomy. UEF has great potential to make significant research breakthroughs.

We significantly enhance cooperation relating to the bioeconomy within the university as well as with other R&D&I and education organisations, companies, business and industry, and civic society. We promote the emergence of innovation clusters and business activities, and support the renewal and skill-based growth of companies, as well as circular economy especially in eastern Finland. Our activities support decision-making in business and industry, public administration and society at large. The bioeconomy serves as a learning environment for multidisciplinarity. UEF has great potential to make significant research breakthroughs that are cross-disciplinary and have great scientific and practical relevance not only in the forest-based bioeconomy, but also in other fields of the bioeconomy.