Bioinformatics Center provides support and expertise in bioinformatics. Expertise can be provided either as research collaboration or billable services. All services are implemented by our expert network in UEF and the tasks are selected according to available resources. Please contact us to discuss the services you would like to acquire!

1. Data-analysis

We offer data-analysis services ranging from basic analysis to complete tailored research projects. Our data-analysis expertise covers modern biomedical research technologies such as DNA- and RNA-sequencing, metabolomics, proteomics and biomedical image analysis.

2. Computational methods

We help to find and implement efficiently existing algorithms or design new algorithms for various machine learning, data mining and information retrieval tasks that are needed in analyzing biological or medical data.

3. Consultation

We deliver expert consultation in issues related to bioinformatics, including data processing and modelling, research software, computational issues like parallelization and GPU computation as well as statistical questions. These services range from practical advice in data analysis to review of manuscripts and grant applications. In addition, we arrange peer-learning meetings for researchers.

4. Networking

We help to search experts and collaborators to perform research related to bioinformatics. We also arrange seminars and networking meetings.

5. Infrastructure

Bioinformatics Center maintains high-end computational servers that enable us to provide a wide range of computational services through server virtualization. We have dedicated virtual servers for high-performance scientific computing, web-hosting and software tools used in research and education. Basic usage of the infrastructure is free for members of the UEF community. Currently access to our servers must be applied through eServices.

The Bioinformatics Center does not provide data storage services besides collaboration projects, but UEF members can apply storage space from e-Services or use CSC's data storage services. More information on data management and security is available by UEF IT services. The university library also advices in research data management (e.g. a tool for data management plans).