International cooperation is part of our everyday life

At present, Finnish workplaces are multicultural and multilingual. The operating and marketing area can cover the whole world. Aducate offers educational services both for internationalization at home and for targeting the global market. In international cooperation our area of expertise is Russia – language and culture, cooperation projects and business. In Finland, we promote the integration of immigrants in the working life and train working communities and employees to cooperate smoothly in their multicultural everyday life.

At the moment, our educational and training services include Russian business-oriented cooperation projects, language training as well as culture and language coaching in workplaces.  The projects Strengthening of working life oriented Russia expertise and Cluster model in productizing expertise for the Russian market have just started. For work places we offer skillful apprentices, know-how and tools for, e.g., orientation process of international staff, Finnish language training and recognition of skills.

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