It is possible to receive doctoral study funding from various funds and foundations, doctoral programmes, the Academy of Finland, Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovations) and the university.

Funds and Foundations

Funds grant financial aid for, for instance, writing dissertation, covering costs of printing dissertation and arranging public defense for dissertation and journeys to meetings.

The Aurora database includes funding organisations for sciences, arts and culture for both project funding and personal grants. The database includes Finnish and foreign funding opportunities, which are available for Finns or those residing in Finland. The database lists some 800 funding organisations and new funding opportunities are added on constantly to keep the database up to date. The information on Aurora is collected directly from the funding organisations.

Säätiöpalvelu (Foundation Service) offers information on Finnish funds.

University also updates the list of available grants.

University of Eastern Finland

The doctoral programmes have salary-paying positions for UEF doctoral students. Approximately 150 doctoral students work with this funding as early stage researchers at the university every year.  The UEF doctoral student positions are salary-paying positions, enabling the doctoral students to engage in full-time study with an objective to complete the doctoral degree in four years' time.

Research projects financed e.g. by the Academy of Finland, Tekes, enterprises or EU may also offer posts of Early Stage Researchers. Open positions are published on the Open positions website.

The faculties, wherever possible, budget funds to support doctoral studies as travelling grants, grants for finalising doctoral dissertation, and dissertation printing grants. Further information on the webpages of the doctoral programmes.