University study skills (8031003, 1 cp)

This course gives an overview of studying at the University of Eastern Finland. It introduces academic studying including ethical guidelines, doctoral studies and academic community. The students will learn about studying at the UEF, the web-based tools of the university, stress management and also evaluation as well as development of their own learning.

The objective of the course is to develop student’s academic study skills and to adapt students to the study practices of the University of Eastern Finland. After the course, students will be able to:

  1. understand the basics of studying at the University of Eastern Finland and can smoothly start their studies,
  2. identify study-related development objectives and develop their own learning,
  3. identify and control study-related stress,
  4. operate in compliance with the ethical code of the of the academic community and
  5. use web-based tools in their studies and operate in the Moodle learning environment.

The course is intended for international degree students only.

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