University Computing Skills courses (8031004, 1 cp and 8031005 1 cp)

The University Computing Skills Lectures and Practices courses covers the following topics: Windows operating system, online services of the University of Eastern Finland, as well as introduction to the basic use of text processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

The student will learn how to create, e.g., tables and indexes, and how to use styles. The things to be covered as regards the spreadsheet programme and the presentation graphics software include, e.g., basic formulas and functions, charts and presentations.

After the course students:
1) can use a computer, office software tools and online services of the University of Eastern Finland to support her/his studying,
2) masters the basics of studying in the Moodle online learning environment,
3) knows how to use the styles available in the word processor, can create table of contents, indexes and add images to documents,
4) can use simple spreadsheets to create charts and tables,
5) knows how to use presentation graphics software to create presentations.

The course is intended for international degree students only.

More information (schedules etc.) and contact details from Weboodi.