Summer studies

The University of Eastern Finland has no official summer semester, but during the summer months you can write essays or thesis or take exams, and also follow online lectures and courses and take online exams. Additionally, you can work on your thesis, do practical training or other project work that is included in your study plan. Discuss and plan these with your teacher. For more specific information on what is available, please see the WebOodi study guide on summer studies.

N.B. Not all the courses in the study guide can be completed by only taking the exam. Please check the requirements of the course on the course description. Also note the teaching language.

Also keep in mind that UEF organises a summer school. The courses are free of charge for UEF degree students. Please visit the course website for more information.

Other possibilities for summer studies are offered by the Open university and Summer Universities. Please note that some of them may charge course fees. Also keep in mind that universities abroad offer different kinds of summer schools.