Student well-being

We sincerely hope that you stay in good health throughout your stay here in Finland. However, in case of any medical trouble, there are plenty of services at your disposal. For instance, all exchange, Bachelor's and Master's degree students of the University of Eastern Finland who pay the Student Union membership fee are entitled to the services of Finnish Student Health Service, FSHS. FSHS offers preventive health care, medical care, mental health care, and dental care. Almost every type of health service a student might need, with the exception of hospital treatment and maternity clinic, are included. FSHS runs health centres in 16 university towns and you will be eligible to receive treatment at any of these centres. In addition to the services offered by FSHS, Finland has universal health care which is also available to international students through the European Health Insurance Card or, in case of non EU/EEA students, through their personal insurance policy. >> Read more 

Well-being is also something that comes from the things that you do, from being active and interacting with other students. The easiest way to get involved in various activities promoting your well-being, such as sports and culture, is through the Student Union. >> Read more about sports and recreation  and how to get involved in the Student Union 

UEF has an action plan for preventing substance abuse and supporting interventions in case of problems. >> Read more