Signing up for courses and scheduling the studies

Schedules for the courses can be found in WebOodi as soon as they have been confirmed by the Faculty. To search for timetables: -> in English -> Search for instructions and examinations. More detailed information on the courses can be obtained from the contact person or the lecturer of the course.

Registration for the courses and examinations require a username and password which are given to the students when they register as students at UEF.

Signing up for courses is mainly done in WebOodi. In few cases it may be done some other way. Please check this with your Academic Coordinator. Preregistration is especially important for the courses with limited number of participants, such as laboratory courses, field courses,  language courses, laboratory courses, field courses or other small-group teaching.  Whereas for some big lecture courses may not require preregistration at all - a list may be circulated at the first meeting of the course where participants sign their names.

Please note that the Learning Agreement is not the same as course registration and does not guarantee a place in the course.

It is important to note that some advanced courses may set requirements on students' skills and background knowledge, and this may limit the participation of some students. Participation may also be limited because of programme regulations, the availability of equipment and/or instruments, or the teaching method employed. Course descriptions identify these limitations when they exist by indicating the required or suggested prerequisites and the maximum number of participants allowed to register. International participants are advised to take note of these limitations.

Students are responsible for planning, scheduling and completing their studies. Degree students may have compulsory courses set out in their programmes and should confirm this with their programme co-ordinator. Each programme and/or department sets its own course lecturing schedule, which may lead to timetable conflicts with courses in other programmes. If courses overlap, students should discuss the situation with both lecturers and negotiate the best possible solution.

Students can compose their personal timetable by using the on-line personal timetable tool LUKARI: First choose the courses you wish to take and LUKARI will compose your personal timetable. LUKARI will show if the courses you have chosen are overlapping.

If a student has signed up for a course in WebOodi and  then decides not to continue it, s/he should remember to deregister in WebOodi or notify the lecturer.

Changes in course schedules will usually be informed in WebOodi or by email to the participants.