Orientation programme

We recommend that all the new international students participate in the orientation. The orientation is organised in order to help the new students to have a smooth start for their studies at UEF. 

The orientation offers

  • essential information on studying and university life at UEF
  • tips on different practical matters
  • information on Finland and on the Finnish culture
  • great possibilities of meeting the other students

Those who complete all parts of the programme will earn 1 ECTS credit.  Even if the orientation is a course, there is no need to register for the orientation beforehand. The instruction at the departments begins usually after the Orientation Programme.

The orientation for the Spring Semester starts usually on the first working day right after 6 January and the orientation for the autumn semester starts at the beginning of September. The orientation for the Autumn Semester 2016 will be held 1-2 Sept and 5-6 Sept 2016 and the orientation for the Spring Semester 2017 will be 10-12 January 2017. The programmes will be published here about a month before the start of the orientation.

Other courses offering introductions to studying at UEF: Study skill courses and Information retrieval