Frequently asked questions

How can I change my university network password?
You can change your password via an online form. Fill in the form with your username, current password and new password. The password must consist of at least 10 characters with at least one non-alphabetic character (e.g. a number) and also a capital letter(s) Do not use language-specific characters (e.g. the Scandinavian åäö) in your password.

Why is the printer not printing?
The most common reason is that there is a paper jam or you have run out of printing quota. You can check the print quota by clicking on the Print Account - icon on the desktop.

Why is my print quota negative?
The print job will not be terminated even if your print quota reaches zero. You will be charged for the negative balance the next time you purchase print credits.

Where can I save my work?
You should save your files on the ‘X' drive labelled "your username. You have 300 MB of storage space on the network drive. All the files on the network drive can be retrieved for the last 90 days. If you cannot access your file or you have accidentally deleted your work, we will be able to retrieve the file if you tell the helpdesk the file name or part of the file name, and the date when you were able to access the file or it still existed.

If you can't access a file on your USB-memory, try to copy the file to the ‘X' network drive or to the hard drive of the workstation, and open it from there. If this doesn't help, your USB-memory may be corrupted and you should take it to the helpdesk. We may be able to retrieve your file with a recovery software.

Where can I use a scanner or a photocopier?
In Joensuu, scanners are located in rooms E301, AG211, MP102 and MP103. A photocopier is available in the library in Carelia building.

In Kuopio, there are four scanners located in Oppari, Canthia. Photocopiers can be used in the library in Snellmania.