UEF in social media

The University of Eastern Finland in visible in a variety of social media channels. The university's Communications and Media Relations is in charge of creating content and updating the university-level social media channels. We communicate about what's going on at the university and, in doing so, seek to create and enhance the university's brand image. 

UEF's social media channels

UEF on Facebook

The university's official Facebook page is available at https://www.facebook.com/itasuomenyliopisto.UEF.

The university's Facebook page is updated usually twice a day on weekdays, one post in Finnish and one in English.

The university's student ambassadors are also strongly visible in social media, and their Facebook page is available (in Finnish) at https://www.facebook.com/UEFlahettilaat.

UEF on Twitter

The university is on Twitter as @UniEastFinland. The university's Twitter channel is available at https://twitter.com/UniEastFinland.

The channel is maintained by Communications and Media Relations, and several tweets per day are made about the university's news, new blog posts, etc. The university's hashtags are #uef and #UEF. 

UEF on YouTube

The university's YouTube channel is available at https://www.youtube.com/user/uefvideot.

The channel is used for publishing videos about the university's activities, as well as marketing videos. It is possible for the university's units to add their videos on the channel. To do this, please contact Communications and Media Relations. 

UEF on Instagram

The university is also on Instagram as @uniuef The university's photo feed is available at http://instagram.com/uniuef.

The university's student ambassadors can also be found on Instagram as @ueflahettilas and at http://instagram.com/ueflahettilas.

The university's hashtags are #uef, #UEF, #itasuomenyliopisto and #universityofeasternfinland

UEF on LinkedIn

The university's LinkedIn page is available at https://www.linkedin.com/company/university-of-eastern-finland_10314?trk=biz-companies-cym

The LinkedIn page is used for promoting UEF as a good place to study and work in, and as an active scientific community.

UEF blogs

Members of UEF are active bloggers. The university has two official blogs written by the UEF Leadership Group: Johtoasemissa in Finnish and Keeping the lead in English. Furthermore, the Puheenvuoroja blog (in Finnish) is intended as a platform for all UEF bloggers. The university's student ambassadors also write a blog. Below you'll find links to the blogs:

Johtoasemissa: http://blogs.uef.fi/johtoasemissa

Keeping the lead: http://blogs.uef.fi/keeping-the-lead/

Puheenvuoroja: https://blogs.uef.fi/puheenvuoroja

Student ambassadors' blog: http://blogs.uef.fi/ueflahettilaat/

Links to other blogs written by members or units of UEF can be found at here.

Set sail towards social media! Social media instructions for people at UEF

People at UEF are encouraged to be active on social media. The university has published a recommendation on the use of social media, and this recommendation is now supplemented by a new, down-to-earth guide:  “A UEF guide to sailing smoothly in social media.” The guide is available as a video and as a PDF, which can of course also be printed out. The idea of the simple guidelines is to inspire and support people in the use of social media.

Sea ahoy, see you on social media!

Guide as a PDF.