Finland’s 100 years of independence celebrated throughout 2017 at UEF

The University of Eastern Finland has joined in the celebration marking the centenary of Finland's independence in many ways. The main event of the jubilee year was a Studia Generalia lecture series, organised under the theme “Top-level research in eastern Finland from the 1970s to the present – promoting education in independent Finland”. The lecture series was offered in Finnish, comprising five individual lectures aimed at the general public. The themes of the lectures focused on health, learning and education, the future role of the humanities, forests and wood, and child welfare.

The Studia Generalia lectures attracted a good crowd. The photo is from a Studia Generalia lecture held in Kuopio and focusing on health.

In addition to the lectures offered in Finnish, the university organised two Café Smart science cafés in English. The themes of the science cafés were ”New prospects of technology and analytics in improving people's health” and ”Consequences of globalisation phenomena at the local level”.

The Studia Generalia lectures and science cafés attracted an audience of nearly 500 people, in addition to which the live streams of the events were followed by some 300 people. By the beginning of December, the recordings of the events have been viewed approximately 900 times, and the recordings will also be made use of in the university’s teaching.

In recognition of Finland’s centenary, the Open University of the University of Eastern Finland organised the 15th anniversary seminar in health promotion and health education, attracting some 70 participants. Over the years, teaching in this subject has evolved from regionally offered courses into online studies with nationwide availability.

The UEF Library, in turn, celebrated the jubilee year with monthly book exhibitions, and the library also organised a collection of cards congratulating Finland, both in the electronic and traditional forms.

The university also had the role of a partner in several projects organised under the auspices of the Finland 100 programme. Examples of these projects include the Helsinki Challenge science competition, in which two teams from the University of Eastern Finland made it to the semi-finals: the Metabold team and the 3A Water team. The university was also involved in several sports and cultural events organised in recognition of Finland’s 100 years of independence, including the Jukola Relay orienteering race, the Minnan Päivät event celebrating Minna Canth, and the Finnishness through the eyes of international students photo exhibition.

Throughout the year, Finland 100 pin badges have been given to the university's international exchange students. On the eve of the Independence Day, festive events with programme and coffee were organised for the university’s staff on all three campuses.