Winners of Communicator of Year Award 2018 announced - Student Union receives honourable mention

For the fourth time already, Communications and Media Relations at the University of Eastern Finland has selected the winners of the Communicator of the Year Award from each UEF faculty. As a new introduction this year, an honourable mention was awarded to the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland in recognition of the Student Union’s exemplary way of taking the international student body into consideration in its communication activities.

The Communicator of the Year Award is presented in recognition of an outstanding attitude towards, or efforts in, communication and marketing during the past year. The award is not tied to any professional title: the most important thing is a genuine interest in communication. The primary criterion is that the person or the group has understood the significance of communication and is determined to raise awareness of the university’s activities by means of communication.

Hannu Mustakallio and Heli Siponen from the Student Union

In the award ceremony held this Monday, the Communicator of the Year Award of the Philosophical Faculty was presented to Professor Hannu Mustakallio. For several years already, Professor Mustakallio has collaborated closely with Communications and Media Relations by actively disseminating information about new research and events at the School of Theology. Thanks to Professor Mustakallio, the communication activities of the biennially organised Symposium of Theology in particular have been both systematic and punctual. Professor Mustakallio understands the principles of communication and knows how to abide by them.

The Communicator of the Year Award of the Faculty of Science and Forestry was presented to Associate Professor Amit Bhatnagar. Associate Professor Amit Bhatnagar is active in communicating the findings of his microalgae research to the media and the general public.  His positive attitude reinforces the image of a researcher who values the work of his research group. Associate Professor Bhatnagar is actively involved in societal debate, and he is also one of the most highly cited researchers in the world at the University of Eastern Finland.

Amit Bhatnagar.

Elina Lämsä, Hanna Kauppinen, Johanna Timonen and Riitta Ahonen.

The Communicator of the Year Award of the Faculty of Health Sciences was presented to Professor Riitta Ahonen’s research group, which studies the consequences of the introduction of electronic prescriptions in Finland. By actively disseminating their findings, the research group has raised awareness of the reform from the viewpoints of pharmacy clients and health care professionals alike. At the same time, the researchers have highlighted the importance of scientific research for drug policy reforms.

Heljä Koistinen and Annika Rajasalo (on the left) from the Student Union, and Anna Karttunen from the Department of Health and Social Management.

The Communicator of the Year Award of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies was presented to the Department of Health and Social Management. The Department of Health and Social Management has commendably understood the significance of communication, while also actively developing its internal and external communication activities. The department makes extensive use of new digital communication tools and encourages the staff in their use. Project Researcher Anna Karttunen has played an important role in promoting the department’s communication activities.

Recognised with an honourable mention among the Communicator of the Year Awards, the Student Union’s English-language newsletters have a long-standing tradition in keeping international students informed of current affairs and events taking place at the university and in the campus cities.  Furthermore, the Student Union meets today’s needs for bilingual communication also on its website and social media channels.  The Student Union’s various visually attractive marketing materials, made available in both Finnish and English, stand out as a particularly delightful and outstanding example.  This work done by the Student Union is highly important, as it promotes student well-being and the integration of students into the academic community. Keep up the good work!