UEF and UNAM to expand cooperation

A delegation from the University of Namibia, UNAM, visited the University of Eastern Finland to discuss new opportunities for cooperation between the universities. The objectives of future collaboration include the development of mentoring practices for Namibian teachers and academic administrators trained in Finland, capacity building in the field of pharmacy at UNAM, as well as professional development courses in, e.g., the fields of food security and food safety, toxicology and medicines safety, health promotion and nursing science. The universities also seek to enhance student and researcher mobility, as well as collaboration in doctoral-level education.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Lazarus Hangula, Pro Vice Chancellor of Research, Innovation & Development, Professor Kenneth Matengu, and Executive Assistant Evaristus Evaristus visited the University of Eastern Finland between 30 May and 1 June. At the Joensuu Campus, the delegation visited the School of Computing and was introduced to environmental policy research at the Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, as well as to the Philosophical Faculty’s teacher training programme commissioned by Namibia. At the Kuopio Campus, the delegation was introduced to the activities of the Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, the Department of Nursing Science, and the School of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Health Sciences. The delegation also met with Rector Jukka Mönkkönen and Academic Rector Harri Siiskonen

Senior Lecturer Piia Siitonen (on the left) presented the activities of the teaching pharmacy at the Kuopio Campus. Listening to the presentation (from the left): Jarkko Ketolainen, Kenneth Matengu, Kirsti Vainio, Lazarus Hangula and Evaristus Evaristus.

At the School of Pharmacy, the Namibian delegation was hosted by Professor Jarkko Ketolainen, the Head of the School, and was introduced to the activities of the teaching pharmacy and the continuous processing pharmaceutical production line of the PROMIS centre. Senior Lecturer Kirsti Vainio, the Deputy Head of the School, presented the school’s research areas. According to Hangula and Matengu, staff mobility and collaboration in doctoral-level education are the most topical ways to promote the field’s expertise at UNAM, which currently offers no Master’s level education in pharmacy.

Last year, the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Namibia concluded an agreement to enhance collaboration in the fields of educational sciences, health sciences, natural resources governance, and social sciences. The two universities have a long history of collaboration in forest sciences, and in historical and geographical studies, among other disciplines.