UEF researchers receive YERUN Research Mobility Awards

Postdoctoral researchers Ekaterina Mikhailova, Paula Rautionaho and Pilvi Hämeenaho from the University of Eastern Finland have received YERUN Research Mobility Awards. Young European Research Universities (YERUN) is a network of 18 European universities. YERUN Research Mobility Award enables researchers to visit other member universities in the network. Out of 88 applicants, 36 were selected to receive the award.

The YERUN Research Mobility Awards (YRMA) are one of the YERUN’s strategic actions aiming to fostering research collaboration within the member institutions. The first call was launched in 2017, with the objective to help researchers from YERUN universities to create critical mass for research projects and to encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas and the wider dissemination and impact of YERUN institutions’ research findings. In 2017, a total of 26 researchers from early career to established academics were given the possibility to enlarge their connections and research activities within the network. Early Stage Researcher Nana Asare Obeng-Darko from the University of Eastern Finland was one of the awarded researchers. In view of its success, YERUN members decided to increase the number of awards and to focus this opportunity for early career and not yet fully independent researchers (R1-R2*).

YERUN members are extremely pleased to support the strong interest in research collaboration within the YERUN network. They are committed to continue strengthening the possibilities for researchers to advance their connections, to work in diverse teams and to explore possibilities to improve their work by combining expertise, resources and infrastructure.

YERUN members believe these opportunities are particularly relevant for researchers at an early stage of their careers, when it is crucial to help them to open their minds by working with their peers, to share and challenge experiences, and to conduct collaborative research. This is a fundamental step to strengthen our European Research Area and YERUN members are committed to continue promoting it.

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Recipients of YERUN Research Mobility Awards (YRMA) in 2018

Recipients of YERUN Research Mobility Awards (YRMA) in 2017