UEF researchers successful in Academy of Finland call, securing over 6.6 million euros of funding

The Research Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment of the Academy of Finland granted, on 22 May 2019, a total of 6.63 million euros of funding to University of Eastern Finland researchers.

The amount of funding secured by UEF researchers is significant. Funding was secured for a total of 18 Academy of Finland projects; 12 of them by early-career researchers. The University of Eastern Finland secured 23% of the funding earmarked for projects by the younger generation of researchers.

In making its funding decisions, the Research Council wanted to support basic research in its fields and emphasised the scientific quality of the projects. Other key criteria included the impact and scientific renewal of the research.

University of Eastern Finland researchers to secure funding:

Academy Project funding for early-career researchers

Hakulinen, Nina, Structural Characterization of Sustainable Enzymes Involved to Pentose Sugar Pathway, 396,996 euros

Hanhineva, Kati, Metabolic role of betainized compounds related to diet, health, and gut microbiota, 400,144 euros

Heinäniemi, Merja, Capturing the cell state space from genomics data into models of treatment resistance in childhood leukemia / Consortium: COSMOS, 150,000 euros

Julkunen, Petro, Biophysical and biological correlates of pain and dysfunction in osteoarthrosis: Consortium Study Plan / Consortium: BA-Pain, 300,000 euros

Korhonen, Rami, A novel mechanobiological algorithm to reveal mechanisms in the progression of different phenotypes of osteoarthritis, 543,234 euros

Martikainen, Riikka, Mitochondrial cardiomyopathy; molecular mechanisms and clinical variation, 502,579 euros

Nieminen, Petteri, Biophysical and biological correlates of pain and dysfunction in osteoarthrosis: Consortium Study Plan / Consortium: BA-Pain, 300,000 euros

Packalen, Petteri, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Forest Remote Sensing, 489,763 euros

Pasonen-Seppänen, Sanna, Hyaluronan in the formation of immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment, 250,000 euros

Pohjoismäki, Jaakko, True love can wait: Breaking genetic abstinence to repair mitochondrial DNA using recombination, 250,000 euros

Sierra Lopez, Alejandra, From 3D electron microscopy tissue model to pathology specific multidimensional diffusion MRI, 481,881 euros

Valtonen, Anu, Assembly of food webs during tropical forest restoration, 421,423 euros


Academy Projects

Giniatullin, Rashid, Novel Piezo channels mediated mechanisms in migraine and stroke, 250,000 euros

Laurén, Ari, ethane and soil - tree networks: Adding dimensions to greenhouse-gas studies / Consortium: METNET, 300,000 euros

Lehto, Tarja, JuurSeasonality of root symbioses in boreal forests, 513,108 euros

Pumpanen, Jukka, Cascading carbon flow in managed forested catchments (CASCAS) / Consortium: CASCAS, 270,994 euros

Rouvinen, Juha, nzymatic activation of hydrocarbon-based plastics / Consortium: SA-ActiveCH, 300,000 euros

Tavi, Pasi, Energy metabolism as a therapy target in cardiac hypertrophy and failure, 506,136 euros

Academy Project funding for early-career researchers

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