UEF opens new Alumni Portal - welcome to the UEF Alumni Network!

The University of Eastern Finland is currently developing its alumni outreach and engagement activities in an increasingly diverse and extensive direction. Our goal is to find common ground with our alumni in order to gain insight into how we could further enhance our education and research to better correspond to future working life needs.

One measure of development taken this autumn has been the creation of a new Alumni Portal via which the university’s alumni can join the UEF Alumni Network and update their own information.

You can log in to the Alumni Portal here.

When you log in to the portal for the first time, you will receive an email giving you a permanent 10% discount on non-medicinal products available in the online store of the University Pharmacy of the University of Eastern Finland. Kindly note that the products of the University Pharmacy online store are available for order and delivery in Finland only.

The university’s next general alumni event will be organised on the Kuopio Campus next autumn, and you can also participate via video connection from the Joensuu Campus. The Alumnus/Alumnae of the Year Awards will also be announced then. In addition to the general alumni event, academic departments and subject associations also have their own alumni outreach and engagement activities.

This year, a one-year programme piloting alumni mentoring was launched at the University of Eastern Finland, and the experiences and feedback gained will be used to further develop the opportunities of alumni to engage in mentoring.

Welcome to our expanding UEF Alumni Network!

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