UEF’s Flipping Finland project wins EAPRIL Best Research and Practice Project Award

The European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (EAPRIL) presented its Best Research and Practice Project Award to the University of Eastern Finland in recognition of the university’s “Flipping Finland” activities. The award was announced in the EAPRIL 2018 conference in Slovenia.

A flipped approach to teaching, i.e. flipped classroom, and flipped learning indicating a change in the culture of learning, have been extensively adopted at the University of Eastern Finland, and the model is constantly evolving. Training in the use of the flipped classroom approach has been made systematically available to University of Eastern Finland teachers since 2016 under the lead of Team Ameba. The team focuses on and seeks to promote research-based development of learning environments at the University of Eastern Finland. Flipped classroom and its use as part of the university’s strategic development of teaching, learning and learning environments now received international recognition. Flipping Finland was the first Finnish project to win EAPRIL’s Best Research and Practice Project Award.

“This recognition acknowledges the work of the teachers using flipped classroom, their students, the university as a whole, and Team Ameba,” says Postdoctoral Researcher Erkko Sointu, commenting from Slovenia, where he was presenting UEF’s flipped classroom activities together with Professor Laura Hirsto and Project Researcher Jenni Kankaanpää. At the University of Eastern Finland, University Lecturer Markku Saarelainen and University Researcher Lasse Heikkinen have also been actively involved with flipped classroom, both alongside and as members of Team Ameba. Saarelainen and Heikkinen are among the Finnish pioneers of the flipped classroom approach.

So far, approximately 100 teachers at the University of Eastern Finland have been trained in flipped classroom, and some 8,000 students have participated in flipped courses. As an outcome of the Flipped Learning project, Team Ameba and the teachers using the flipped classroom approach have produced a manual on flipped learning, which is freely available at (in Finnish) The flipped classroom approach will also expand to three other Finnish universities, thanks to the efforts of flipped classroom partners, Team Ameba and UEF Student and Learning Services, with funding from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.  

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