Open science and innovation ecosystems strengthen the university’s impact

The University of Eastern Finland seeks to strengthen its impact through open science, an open operating culture, and innovation ecosystems. In the updated strategy, impact is an integral part of the university’s research and education activities, through which the university generates new knowledge and skills, and innovations based on these, in collaboration with different societal actorstoreillekent.

The university's Board approved the updated strategy in a meeting held on 22 February. By updating its strategy, the university seeks to respond to the rapidly changing operating environment, the key elements of which include increasingly open science and research, digitalisation of information, internationalisation of university education, and changes in working life.

Building a responsible and sustainable future, the University of Eastern Finland seeks to solve global challenges through multidisciplinary research and through education that meets working life needs. The university’s strategy, entitled Interdisciplinary Solutions, defines four profile areas in research:

  • Ageing, lifestyles and health
  • Learning in a digitised society
  • Cultural encounters, mobilities and borders
  • Environmental change and sufficiency of natural resources

The core of each profile area is built around the focus areas in research, in which strong expertise and expertise requiring further strengthening have been identified.

Together with its partners, the university seeks to create open innovation ecosystems in the profile areas to facilitate new kind of activity between researchers, students, companies, public institutions, organisations, and citizens.

In the field of education, the strategy emphasises student-centredness, open learning environments and learning processes of a high standard, as well as skills and expertise that are relevant to tomorrow’s working life. The objective is to create the best academic learning environment in Finland by 2020.

The university's skilled staff and motivated students are its most important asset. In addition to the academic community, the university's key partners also play a role in the implementation of the strategy.

The university’s Board also approved an action programme that defines the strategic measures of development for this year.


For further information, please contact:

Rector Jukka Mönkkönen, +358 40 728 8057


The University of Eastern Finland’s strategy, Interdisciplinary Solutions, will be published on a strategy website in week 10.