4.-5.10. 5th Annual BOMOCULT Conference: Methods, Approaches, Ethics, Joensuu

BoMoCult/CULTCHANGE Conference 2018

University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus
4-5 October 2018

Methods, Approaches, Ethics: 5th Annual BOMOCULT Conference


Keynote speakers:
Matthew Longo (Leiden University)
Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik (Aston University) and Gemma Bird (University of Liverpool)
Pelle Snickars (University of Umeå)

We are now planning the fifth annual seminar of the Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters Research Area at the Joensuu campus of the University of Eastern Finland. During the last five years, BoMoCult has reflected a general interdisciplinary philosophy and several cross-cutting approaches to understanding the significance and impacts of borders in society.

Through a focus on political, social, and cultural borders, as well as on border crossings and encounters with various minorities, in both historical and contemporary contexts, the research area has conducted innovative theoretical and empirical research in a number of areas including: 1) multilevel processes of creating political, social, cultural and linguistic borders (bordering) 2) social imaginaries of borders and ‘Borderscapes’, 3) languages, literatures and narratives of borders and encounters, 4) socio-political processes of Post-Soviet border-making and 5) human security and the securitization of migration.

With these themes BoMoCult has contributed to inclusive interpretations of borders. We see them as processes generating a wealth of socio-cultural phenomena that contribute to the transformation of contemporary societies through encounters. For this reason, and instead of a central organising theme or focus, this time around we will take target a broader stock-taking of research results, perspectives and methodologies. Together with Finnish and international partners, the BoMoCult RA has promoted and otherwise informed a considerable amount of social sciences and humanities research centred at UEF. What this year’s seminar targets therefore is a focus on methods, research approaches and ethical issues that have emerged as a consequence of doing borders-oriented humanities and social science research in very different contexts.

We invite thought-provoking interdisciplinary proposals for panels and individual papers that offer perspective on methods, research approaches and ethical issues. We not only address researchers at UEF with this invitation but all interested borders scholars with whom these ways of seeing borders resonate. We also welcome panels and papers that are dedicated to specific research projects and which give evidence of the potential of crossing disciplinary border and experiences with working with interdisciplinary methodologies.

Abstracts (max. 200 words and a short bionote) should be sent by email to both organizers james.scott(at)uef.fi and jopi.nyman(at)uef.fi by 2 September 2018.