20.–24.8. NOVA University Network Course: Environmental collaboration and conflict resolution - The crossroads of forestry, ecosystem services and wildlife, Joensuu

Time: 20–24 August 2018 
Venue: University of Eastern Finland, Aurora building, Joensuu Campus

The course seeks to further the understanding of environmental conflicts and the possibilities of resolving them through collaborative management, mediation and participatory interventions. The course is both academic and practice-driven.

The course is targeted to PhD students with research interest in natural resource management and conflict resolution in particular. The course will address natural resource conflicts that are topical for the course participants. These cases provide a real-world context for the course contents and development of practical skills. The themes include natural resource conflicts in the fields of forestry, nature conservation, mining and land-use conflicts more generally.

Responsible UEF teachers: Irmeli Mustalahti, Antti Erkkilä, Lasse Peltonen, Jukka Tikkanen

Invited key international expert: Mara Hernández (CIDE, Mexico)

NOVA Network teachers: Jens Emborg (University of Copenhagen), Mikaela Vasstrøm (University of Agder), John-Andrew McNeish (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

UEF experts on environmental collaboration and conflict resolution: Ismo Pölönen, Hilkka Heinonen, Teppo Hujala, Tero Mustonen, Jukka Sihvonen, Violeta Gutiérrez Zamora

Akordi Oy expert on conflict resolution: Emma Luoma

The course is funded by the Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network (NOVA) and organized in collaboration with ALL-YOUTH and CORE projects.

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