20.-21.11. Professor Jukka Juutilainen honorary seminar: Cores Symposium on Non-Ionizing Radiation Research and Safety, Kuopio

Date: 20.11.2018, at 12:00–16.30 and 21.11.2018, at  9.00–13.00

Location: University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio campus, Canthia building, auditorium CA101, address: Yliopistonranta 1 C

The symposium will bring together scientists working in the field of non-ionizing radiation, in particular among the Consortium of Radiation Safety Research (Cores, please see www.cores.fi), as well as stakeholders and end-users of the research. The symposium will honor the long and esteemed career of Prof. Jukka Juutilainen as a researcher in this field. The topics for the symposium cover experimental and epidemiological studies on health effects of non-ionizing radiation as well as issues related to non-ionizing radiation safety.

The symposium is open for participation. A maximum of 100 participants is allowed. There is no registration fee, but preregistrations are required by 31 October > Registration form.



Tuesday,  20 November

11.00-12.00 Registration and lunch

12.00-12.15 Welcome and introduction (Maija-Riitta Hirvonen, UEF)

12.15-12.45 Surveillance of non-ionizing radiation (Lauri Puranen, STUK)

12.45-13.15 The health effects derived from UV radiation and sunbed use (Riikka Pastila, STUK)

13.15-13.45 Electromagnetic field dosimetry (Sami Kännälä, STUK)

13.45-14.00 Music (Con Brio)

14.00-14.45 Coffee break

14.45-15.15 Health effects of intermediate frequency magnetic fields – Results from the GERoNiMO project (Mikko Herrala, UEF)

15.15-15:45 Health risks from mobile phones – what are the knowns and unknowns? (Anssi Auvinen, UTA)

15.45-16.15 Epidemiological studies on health effects of ELF MFs with a novel approach for exposure assessment (Päivi Roivainen, UEF)

19.00 Dinner


Wednesday, 21 November

9.00-10.00 Quantum optimal control of reactive oxygen species production (Carlos Martino, FIT)

10.00-10.30 Protective effects of radiofrequency fields in cell cultures damaged by mutagens (Maria Rosaria Scarfi, CNR-IREA)

10.30-11.15 Coffee break

11.15-11.45 Genomic instability and non-ionizing radiation (Jonne Naarala, UEF)

11.45-12.45 Honorary lecture: Investigations of a doc (Jukka Juutilainen, UEF)

12.45-12.55 Closing remarks

12.55-13.00 Music (Aino Juutilainen)


In connection of the symposium, a Symposium Dinner will be held on 20 November at 19.00 in Restaurant Kummisetä. A fee of 50 € will be collected from the participants of the Dinner. Please indicate on the registration form that you will participate the Dinner to later receive the payment details.

Further information: Päivi Roivainen, paivi.roivainen(at)uef.fi, Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences