19.9. Big data in the humanities, social sciences and business studies, Joensuu

Welcome to a joint Big Data seminar in the humanities, social sciences and business studies in Joensuu on Wed 19 Sept 2018

Time: September 19, 2018, 10.30–16.00

Venue: Carelia building, room C2, Joensuu campus  

This seminar is open for everybody, but to ensure coffee and transportation, kindly use the sign-up sheet below.


The extended deadline for sign-ups is Friday noon 14 Sept 2018.




Session 1 (chair Mikko Laitinen):

10.30–10.40 Opening words (Dean Sari Rissanen, Markku Hauta-Kasari, Tero Karjalainen, Mikko Laitinen)

10.40–11.10 Nature-Inspired Computing-based Data Mining in Electrical Engineering and Healthcare (Xiao-Zhi Gao)

11.20–11.35 Data mining is a social practice (Ilpo Helen)

11.35–11.50 Analysis of nutritional data and its applications in personal diets (Jari Turkia)

11.50–12.05 Big Data in social and health care – examples of data and text mining (Ulla-Mari Kinnunen)

12.05–12.20 Possibilities of big data in health economics research (Ismo Linnosmaa)

12.20–13.20 Lunch (self-funded)

Session 2 (chair Ulla-Mari Kinnunen)

13.20–13.35 Surprisingly Correlated Subgroups and Hyperbolic Communities: Examples of Data Analysis Methods and Applications (Pauli Miettinen)

13.35–13.50 Before and after: speech analysis no longer needs to ignore most of the data (Stefan Werner)

13.50–14.05 Social media as a tool and an object of research – the case of Facebook-based ridesharing groups (Juhana Venäläinen)

14.05–14.20 Working with big and rich language data: New answers to old questions? (Mikko Laitinen)

14.20–14.50 Coffee break

14.50–15.05 Pasi Fränti: Machine learning methods for data analysis in health, language, travel and education

15.05–16.00 Discussion and comments from data sciences


You are warmly welcome!

Kind regards,  

Markku Hauta-Kasari, Tero Karjalainen ja Mikko Laitinen