13.-14.6. Symposium: Personalized Cancer Care - Combination of Research and Practice, Kuopio

The INEXCA project welcomes you to the symposium Personalized Cancer Care - Combination of Research and Practice held in Kuopio, Finland, on 13 - 14 June 2018.

The symposium is a training and research event with presentations focused on several issues around cancer patients and family caregivers as well as challenges for health care professionals from the perspective of care quality and safety.

The objectives of the symposium are to provide the oncology community with a summary of the INEXCA project results; review the current research results on care quality and family care as well as discuss personalized cancer care.

The symposium is targeted to health care researchers and professionals, Master and PhD students, business experts and the public.

For more information, programme and registration, please visit the symposium website at https://www.uef.fi/en/web/inexca/symposium2018.

Symposium leaflet (pdf)


For more information, please contact

Project Manager Maija Hartikainen
University of Eastern Finland
maija.hartikainen (at) uef.fi